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Audio: Douglas talks Wordpress with Small Business Hosting podcast posted an interview I did last week talking about the uses and differences between 's hosted blogs and the Wordpress software available from . Listen to the entire interview (30 Mins ) Vs With Douglas Welch On this episode I talk with Douglas Welch about the differences between and and when you might want to use vs is hosted and managed by automattic (the company behing wordpress). If you choose you don’t install or control the software. is the home of the open source wordpress software. [...] Continue reading...

Portable Digital TVs for after the June 20 Digital Television switch-over

Speaking with my friend Michael today, He reminded me that the digital television switch over is going to occur on June 20, 2009 and many older televisions will stop receiving "over-the-air" television signals. Anyone who is getting their television signals over cable, AT&T uVerse, Satellite and other methods will still be able to watch their shows. It only effects television delivered via an antenna. I know from my travels that very few of my clients are in danger of losing their television service, but I have always had another concern about this switchover. Throughout the years, we have always been reminded to have a battery operated radio or television in case of weather, or in California, earthquake, emergency. Unfortunately, all of the small televisions we have around our house will not receive any signal after June 20. I hadn't seen any prominent advertising for newer, portable TVs so I finally decided to go looking for them. lists a number of porta