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Noted: Update those gaming consoles, tablets, phones BEFORE gifting this year!

What a great idea when gifting any technology device, wherever possible. Download all the system updates, software upgrades, apps, whatever so that your family and friends can use the device the moment it is unwrapped. An console that needs to spend hours updating itself before the first game can be played is like getting a new bicycle in the middle of an dark and cold Ohio Winter. One Important Thing To Do Before Gifting A Game Console On Christma s  If you’re thinking of giving someone an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii U, 3DS, Vita, or iPad this Christmas, there’s something you can do to sweeten the deal even more for the recipient: download every update for the console first.  Yes, this will require you to open the gift, take the console out, and then repack it—which sucks if you bought the console brand-new. If you keep the receipt and are careful, though, downloading updates shouldn’t be a big deal. Let me explain.  Read this entire article