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On my iPhone…Artkick

Artkick     Since our friend gifted us a Google Chromecast , I have been finding a number of ways to put it to work. By default, when the Chromecast isn't streaming something, it shows a slide show of some lovely pictures. I have been wanting to put my own pictures on their instead, but it was only with the recent release of the SDK for Chromecast that apps have been appearing to do that. Of several I checked out, Artkick seems to give me the most of what I want. I can select an album of photos from my iPhone, Flickr Account, Facebook and others, import those photos into the app and then present a revolving slide show on the big TV, even with my iPhone off. The app is a bit rough on the edges in this first Chromecast compatible version, but it does work and has allowed me a great window into my photos during the day.   From the iTunes App Store... Add art to your world by turning your internet connected HDTV into an interactive picture frame. Artkick allows your iPhone

On my iPhone…Human: Move 30 minutes or more

Human: Move 30 minutes or more   Human: Move 30 minutes or more   I am always looking for new ideas to help me with my weight loss plan, so when this encouraging app arrived it was an easy decision to pop it on the iPhone and try it out. While I have more detailed fitness apps on my iPhone, such as Runkeeper, the basic nature of this app might encourage me to get out a bit more.   From the iTunes App Store... Human helps you move 30 minutes or more, every day. It automatically picks up your walks, runs, bike rides and other exercise of one minute and longer. Just put your phone in your bag or pocket and go about your day! Join over 150,000 Humans and enjoy the Daily 30, every day. As featured on Yahoo, TechCrunch, The Verge, Fast Company, and The Next Web. FEATURES: • Automatically records indoor and outdoor activity of 1 minute and longer. • Get notified when you reach your Daily 30, 60 or even 90. • Build up a streak for every Daily 30 of the week. • See all your indiv

88 of My Favorite Technology Things for January 2014 - Douglas E. Welch

As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas Get new shared links as I find them via my social media feeds:         Technology /  13 Essential Productivity Apps Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without I have most of these apps on my various mobile and Macintosh devices. Found a few new ones to try, though Technology / Shoots & Leaves Instantly Turns iPhone Photos Into Links Yet another photography app for the iPhone. Each one tries to find its niche and this one want to be a notepad replacement, in some ways. I still use the basic iPhone camera app as I haven't found one that offers me additional value. Technology / 45 Stunning Calendar Icon Sets For Free Download For folks like me who design and maintain their own web sites, having a nice set of icons on hands, let alone 45 of them, can be very helpful. Free makes them even better and easier to try out. Technology / Getting Star