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On My iPhone/Android…Plague - The Network - social network via information infection

Plague - The Network     iOS  |  Android   I have been playing around with Plague over the past free weeks and it is an interesting concept for social media. There are no follower lists or other ways to subscribe, only a simple up-swipe or down-swipe to either spread the "infection" or skip it and stop the propagation of the info, photo, link, whatever. You can also comment on various "cards", which can lead to some interesting conversations. I am not sure if Plague has the ability to scale to millions of users or withstand the trolls that eventually find every new service, but I am enjoying it for the time being nevertheless.     From the iTunes App Store... Plague is an essentially different way to spread information. The idea for Plague is to create a perfect medium for spreading information as wide as it deserves to be spread, without any boundaries. Plague works like a virus. When you spread information, it goes to the users who are closest to you ph