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On my iPhone… ** Free today only ** - ActMonitor By Aeonika - Monitor lots of info about your iPhone and apps

Free today only: ActMonitor By Aeonika - Monitor lots of info about your iPhone and apps     ActMonitor By Aeonika   Monitor tons of information about your iPhone, the apps it runs and the data it uses.   From the iTunes App Store... The app shows you system info about your device. It takes almost no space and really easy to use. + Information about the network. + Wi-Fi, Edge/3G/LTE and Bluetooth traffic. + Battery level, status and remainng life (estimated). + Memory status. + Disk free space information. + Processes list (To show system processes just pull list down). + Device identity (device name, os version, UDID (if available)) wich can be sent by email + Other detail info about Apple devices. Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": Sunrise Calendar for iCloud and Google Calendar Stevie - A customized video channel using your social media feeds iDashboard Real Racing 3 Chronos - Life Tracking App iOS 7 System Software IFTTT (If This Then That) for

On my iPhone…Sunrise Calendar for iCloud and Google Calendar

Sunrise Calendar for iCloud and Google Calendar   Sunrise Calendar for iOS    An alternative calendar for your iOS device that adds features, improves layout and more.   From the iTunes App Store... Sunrise is a free calendar app made for Google Calendar users. Designed with love, Sunrise is a new experience that will make your life easier. Features: 100% free calendar app with a gorgeous design.  Compatible with Google Calendar and iCloud.  A completely redesigned calendar experience for your iPhone.  Synchronization that just works, in real-time and with background updates.  Quick Add Event just by typing "Lunch tomorrow at 9pm" (long-press on the +).  Reminders. Timezone Support. No more headache when traveling!  Facebook Events and Birthdays included.  See faces and profiles of people you are meeting with using LinkedIn.  Weather forecast based on your location.  Smart icons. Tag location to events.  Use Google Maps for Directions.  Connect mult

Video: Cable management for your computer desktop using Ikea Signum

Using iKea Signum racks to manage the clutter of cable underneath my computer desktop. Signum organizers from Ikea Music: "Go Cart", Kevin MacLeod, , Used under Creative Commons       Can't see the video above? Watch "Cable management for your computer desktop using Ikea Signum"   Download "Cable management for your computer desktop using Ikea Signum" - Podcast Edition   Watch all my TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel.  It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers.   Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

What I'm Reading...Wikipatterns

I had seen mention of this book online and requested it from my local library. It is an interesting look at how you can drive and manage the use of a wiki in your company or group. The author has obviously been around the block in getting wikis accepted inside of companies and offers up Wikipatterns , or scenarios about the type of users and uses you will see in a typical wiki project. Additionally, I wanted to read this book to see how these patterns also might be used to understand and manage the dynamics behind forming groups, both online and face to face. From This book provides practical, proven advice for encouraging adoption of your wiki project and growing it into a useful collaboration tool or vibrant online community Gives wiki users a toolbox of thriving wiki patterns, which enable newcomers to avoid making common mistakes or fumbling around for the solutions to the same problems as their predecessors Explains the major stages of wiki adoption and

On my iPhone/Android…Stevie - A customized video channel using your social media feeds

Stevie - A customized video channel using your social media feeds     Stevie for iOS  | Stevie for Android   What would happen if you could take all the media links, Twitter, Facebook and other social media an assemble it into a television channel? You'd end up with Stevie. Stevie collects video links from your friends social media postings and plays them while overlaying them with your friends pictures, tweets, YouTube comments and more. I would best describe it as a CNN Headline news that is dedicated to you, your friends and your online connections. You can also use Stevie via the web , stream it to your television using a Chromecast or use Airplay from your iOS devices to present it to your AppleTV to other Airplay-compatible device.     From the iTunes App Store... Turn your Facebook and Twitter into TV shows and channels! Stevie focuses on the great content you and your friends share on various  social networks, and awesome online videos from around the web.

Why are some people intimidated by technology?

My Quora answer to: Why are some people intimidated by technology?   I work with a lot of new technology users, usually older people who are just diving into the tech world. For them, not knowing, appearing ignorant, can be a very strong emotion. They have to be able to get around those feelings and realize that the benefits of technology are much more useful than the minor discomfort of the learning process. Fear is one of the strongest emotions we can feel and it can overwhelm other very strong desires, like learning. That said, I also treat my clients as if they can learn anything and do anything with their technology. I truly believe that anyone can learn to use technology. No one is incapable. I don't allow them to engage in heavy "negative talk" about how they can't do this or that. I expect them to be able to learn and I think it helps to approach the learning in a better fashion. Another component of fear of technology is fear of not being in control. I of

Video: Wordpress Wednesday 6: Using Images in your blog posts

This post originally appeared on Careers in New Media , but I think it also relates to TechnologyIQ readers and viewers. -- Douglas Short Wordpress tips to ease your way, especially if you are just getting started with Wordpress. How to add images to your Wordpress blog posts   See previous episodes of Wordpress Wednesday in this playlist   Music: "Go Kart" by Kevin MacLeod ( ) under Creative Commons License. Follow New Media Tips on Twitter at   Like New Media Interchange on Facebook at   Circle New Media Interchange on Google+ at

On my iPhone...iDashboard - Monitor your Google Analytics on the go!

iDashboard iDashboard for iOS As I throw myself into blogging and other forms of New Media full time, I need to be able to monitor what is happening on my web site several times a day and I like to do it even when I am out and about in the world. iDashboard provides a great method of checking in without pulling out my laptop and firing up the Wifi. On opening, iDashboard provides 4 major stats - Performance Index (calculated by the app based on the other 3 stats), Visits, Visitors, Page Views. You can see timelines showing you past history and, in the paid version of the app, even see real time stats of who is visiting your site, right now. Tabs are also provided for weekly and monthly summary stats. If you want a lot detailed data, you'll still need to log into Google Analytics via the web, but for quick, on-the-go access to your stats, nothing could be easier. From the iTunes App Store... Have your Google Analytics key performance indicators always

Software: DBAN deletes your files from older computers before getting rid of them

I tend to collect old computers around here. I am asked by friends and family to get them to an appropriate eWaste drop off when retiring the computer or replacing it with a new one. Of course, we don't wan't any old data rattling around on there -- just in case -- so I need to wipe all the data from the computer before I take it in. I recently had 3 machines to clean off, so I turned to an old friend, Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) , available to download for free from their web site . DBAN is a LINUX-based boot disk that can startup most computers, both Windows and Intel Macs. Then, in a few keystrokes, you can tell the software to erase the data on the internal hard disk and write blank information to it 3 times. This type of "wipe" is sufficient for most home users (and many small businesses) as it would take some very high-end skills and equipment to recover the data. For me, DBAN is certainly "good enough" protection that someone isn't going to

Book: The Difference Engine: Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer by Doron Swade

The Difference Engine: Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer by Doron Swade, Viking, 2000 I knew a little about Babbage and the Difference Engine before reading this book, but now have the full story from beginning to end. Quite a story, filled with the typical intrigues, financial problems and ultimate failure to complete the Engine.( I don't think I am giving away the ending since most tech folks know about this subject.) The first working Engine was completed in 1991 by the Science Museum, London . Doron Swade with Babbage's Difference Engine No 2, 2000. From "In 1821, Charles Babbage was reviewing a set of mathematical tables with a colleague in preparation for a scientific presentation when, after finding a wealth of errors, he exclaimed in frustration, "I wish to God these calculations had been executed by steam!" With this outburst, Babbage began to envision an end to human errors in the numerical tables upon which

Video: Using Voice dictation on your iPad (iPhone and even Android)

Use your iPad (or iPhone or Android device, for that matter) to take voice dictation and even take it directly into a Google Drive document. Douglas gives a quick demo on how to start talking to your iPad. More info on iPad Voice dictation can be found here: How to Use iPad Voice Dictation Beyond Siri: Dictation tricks for the iPhone and iPad     Can't see the video above? Watch "TechnologyIQ - Using Voice dictation on your iPad"   Download "TechnologyIQ - Using Voice dictation on your iPad" - Podcast Edition   Watch all my TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel.  It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers.   Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

Video: Minefull Gone Technical: Detailed player logs and info with Bukkit and Splunk

An interview with George Starcher  about his project using the Splunk indexing system  , Bukkit Server and playerlogger plugin to collect and present amazing statistics about Minecraft worlds. This is one for the geekier/techier Minecraft player and not my standard Let's Play, but I thought what George is doing is very interesting from many standpoints. Watch all past episodes of MineFull Subscribe to my YouTube Channel   Music: "Rocket", Kevin MacLeod, , Creative Commons License

74 of My Favorite Technology Things for December 2013 - Douglas E. Welch

  As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas Get new shared links as I find them via my social media feeds:         Technology /  Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Cheap Home Surveillance System Technology /  Apple offering eight free songs for the Holidays in Apple Store app Technology /  Skill Builder: Arduino 101 Technology /  Google Calendar updated with Maps location autocomplete and improved events searching Technology /  60 Google Now Commands You Need To Know Technology /  Screen to Gif – record any part of you screen and save it to an animated GIF file [Freeware] Technology /  Turning A Pi Into An iBeacon Technology /  Check out the Maker Shed’s Arduino & Robots Gift Guide! Technology /  Most Popular DIY Projects of 2013 Technology /  How to Pick the Perfect Smartphone Wallpaper Technology /  Fuzel is a standout collage creator for your iPhone Technology /  Heyday App Is a

Top 20 Blog Posts for 2013 from TechnologyIQ

  Looking back over my stats, like a lot of folks today, I see that these were the Top 20 blog posts from TechnologyIQ for 2013 Information: Listen to LAPD Radio Scanner via the web 2012 Gift Guide: Starter Kit for Newsite Arduino Uno R3 Adobe Password Reset Notices arriving in email boxes worldwide Troubleshooting: HP SimplePass/Authentec TrueSuite AutoComplete/AutoFill problems On my Mac/Windows PC…Disk Inventory X/WinDirSta t On my Mac/Windows PC…Tweetdeck Google Chrome responsible for Macbook Air slow downs and crashes App: Sleep Time by Azumio - Monitor your sleep cycles Question: How to recover your forgotten Apple ID and/or Password? On my Mac…TextWrangler Text Editor On my Mac/Windows PC…Handbrake - Rip DVD to MP4 files On my Mac/Windows PC…Send to Kindle apps, browser extensions and blog plugins News: Twitter hacked and forcing password changes on some accounts On My Mac/Windows PC…XBMC Open Source Media Center Video: Bluestacks Android Emulator for Mac and Wi