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The New Face of TechnologyIQ

Welcome to the new TechnologyIQ. My name is Joseph Welch and I am here to bring you news and reviews of the newest computer masterpieces. I will be bringing new content to the TechnologyIQ blog and our new connected Youtube channel which will be launching next week. You can subscribe now so you are ready to receive automatic notice of our first videos. I hope to be providing 3-4 videos a week within the coming months. I will also be posting here on this blog weekly and whenever major events occur to keep all of you up to date with the tech world. Thanks for being part of the TechnologyIQ community and I hope you enjoy the next step on the TechnologyIQ journey.

Noted: Geekbus Moves to Educate Young Makers from Make Magazine

Make Magazine has a great story on the Geekbus ( Geekbus Moves to Educate Young Makers ) in San Antonio, Texas. It would be great to see something like all across the country and the world. Sure, permanent hacker/maker spaces are cool, but there is a special power in taking the technology right to the doorstep of those that want and need it most. "Geekbus is the community outreach arm directed by Sastemic , a non-profit organization connecting professionals, educators, industry, and the community. The Geekbus project is designed to aid schools in promoting STEM studies, provide students with diverse learning experiences, and teach skills directly relevant to jobs in the tech industry. " Read the entire article at Make Magazine and even more info on the Geekbus Web Site