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Question: Changing your Mac's default web browser

? I get a lot of questions every day and here is a one from today... Question: How can I make Firefox the default browser on my Mac when opening links from my email program and others? Answer: You can set Firefox as your default browser by running Safari (I know it sounds weird), then... Select Safari Menu, Preferences... Select the General Icon Click on Default Web Browser pop-up menu Select Firefox Close the Preferences window Quite Safari From now on, clicking a link in your email or other program will use Firefox instead of Safari as the default browser.

Question: How do I set up a Wordpress blog with a static page as the home page?

I get a lot of questions every day and here is a one from today... Q: How do I set up a Wordpress or blog to use a static page as the opening screen instead of a list of blog posts? A: I first turned to the Wordpress Codex to give me some guidance on this. You can read more in this here - Creating a static front page . Basically, you create the Wordpress Page you would like to act as the front page for the site. Put your home page content here. Then, create another page and name it Blog, Posts, or whatever else makes sense to you. You need not add anything to this page, as it is only a placeholder to contain the usual posts you would see in a more typical Wordpress blog. Next, from the Wordpress Dashboard, select Settings, Reading. Under the first option on that page (Front page displays) select the radio button next to "A static page". Then in the popup menus immediately below that, under Front Page, select the page you created to act as the new front page. Und

Comic: Download Time

What can I say? It has been a problem since the very beginning! (LAUGH) Non Sequitur for Wednesday, August 04, 2010 : " "