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Microsoft release email services to replace Hotmail

Today Microsoft released its new email service to replace its Hotmail brand. This new streamlined Metro interface design looks good and functions well so far. You can use your existing Microsoft account to log in and then choose an email alias (i.e. for your new email address. Here are several articles that discuss Goodbye, Hotmail; Hello, [REVIEW]  Outlook Is a Completely New, Feature-Filled Webmail Service from Microsoft Go Get Your @Outlook Email Address Quick Before Someone Else Does I will post links to more articles and reviews as they appear.

Technology Videos on the Douglas E. Welch YouTube Channel

Each of my blogs has a section on my YouTube Channel where you can check out and share the various videos you see here. You can find all the technology-related videos in this YouTube Playlist for the TechnologyIQ blog and podcast. Can't see the playlist above? Watch all the technology videos on YouTube.

Mountain Lion in Progress... (Updated 20120801)

Here we gooooooo! Update 20120801 - 1141am: Everything is still looking good. The only issue I have noted is I needed to force a rebuild of my Spotlight database, but otherwise my Macbook Pro 15" seems a bit faster and less subject to some slowdowns I was having within the Chrome browser. Getting used to using the new features like Dictation, but loving the new iCloud connected Notes and Reminders apps. Update 20120725 - 04:04pm : One small issue with the Installer. Install counts down with typical Time Remaining notice but then starts registering negative numbers (i.e. -9 minutes remaining). Eventually the Installer resets to "About 20 Minutes" and continues normally. I am still waiting for completion of the install based on this new time estimate. Update 20120725 - 05:37pm: No major issues once installed. Screenstagram screen saver would not work but failed gracefully. Needed to install Java seperately

News: Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion now available

As of this morning, Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion now available directly from the Mac App Store on your computer. There are many new features. You can learn about them all at Apple's Mountain Lion information page . Apple also has this video detailing the new features. The folks over at also have a feature review video on YouTube. I will probably be upgrading soon so I can share my experiences with my clients. Watch this space and the TechnologyIQ Twitter account, @techiqpod , for more updates.

Real World Example: BioLite CampStove

I posted about the BioLite CampStove back in May ( Product: BioLite stove heats, cooks and powers your USB devices using twigs ), but I didn't have any hands on experience. One of my fellow podcasting friends, Mat Langley , recently shared a post from David Proffer who picked one up and gave it a try. You can read about his experiences here in this Google+ post. Google+ BioLite CampStove Experience  by David Proffer Photo: David Proffer

Video: TechIQ Tip - Wireless keyboard, mouse and batteries

Make yourself a note to remind you about the batteries in your wireless keyboard and mouse. I regularly get calls from my clients that their keyboard or mouse is dead...or their computer has crashed when it is simply the batteries that have died. Can't see the video above? Watch "TechIQ Tip - Wireless keyboard, mouse and batteries" on YouTube Download "TechIQ Tip - Wireless keyboard, mouse and batteries" - iPod Ready Video Watch all TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel. It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers. Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

Apple (and others) need to find a way around cell phone carriers…or risk their entire business

Once again we are seeing in the news that a cell phone carrier, in this case AT&T, is controlling (and possibly charging) for special features being built into the new iPhone. ( See AT&T Poised to Charge Premium for Facetime Over Cellular? from Broadband Reports ). If a cell phone carrier can charge over and over for services that are a main function of the phone and continue to control what features you may or may not use, phone manufacturers are risking their entire business. It matters not what whiz-bang features get built into the handset if customers cannot use it without incurring horrendous overage charges or being "nickel and dimed" for each new feature. As I mentioned back in March 2012 in  Apple (and other smartphone makers) have a big problem on their hands - carriers , if I can't make use of new features in the phone I will simply stop buying them. Like buying a Bugatti Veyron while living in Los Angeles, high performance devices are less than worthles

Computer and Technology Jobs Available - Search Your Keywords and Location

Check out our list of Computer and Technology jobs (and others) available via Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords.

Malwarebytes is my "go-to" tool for Windows malware/virus/spyware cleanup

More than I care to mention, I am called out by clients to clean up one of the many pieces of Windows malware that has crept into their computer. Even with tools like Norton Internet Security and Microsoft Security Essentials, these items can find ways to install themselves with little or no interaction from the user. Malwarebytes , a free, downloadable, cleanup tool is my choice when removing such infections. It works quickly and well and can restore a computer to working order in most cases. It is straightforward and simple to use. Download the app and install on your Windows PC. When it runs for the first time it will ask to update its database of known malware. Typically I then run a Quick Scan, which is usually sufficient for most infections. After it runs it will present a list of found concerns and allows you to remove them all with one click. Often, due to the nature of Windows malware, it will also ask to reboot the computer so that it can permanently remove items which might

TechnologyIQ What's New? - Show 003

TechnologyIQ What's New?  is a new show reviewing some of my best finds from around the Internet. I'll be producing these episodes regularly to discuss those articles, sites and products that can help you  "Control your technology -- don't let it control you!"     If you don't see the video above, please watch "TechIQ What's New? - Show 003" directly on YouTube Download "TechIQ What's New? - Show 003" as iPod-Ready podcast   Help others discover this video Click Like or Subscribe to this channel. Subscribe to Douglas' YouTube Channel  |  Watch the TechnologyIQ YouTube Playlist Subscribe to the TechInologyIQ podcast using iTunes

My favorite shared technology items for June 2012

Here are my favorite shared technology items for May 2012. Please let me know in the comments if you find any of the particularly useful. I'll keep my eye open for similar items -- Douglas Technology / ManualsLib Is a Free, No-Sign Up Required Library of Product Manuals Technology / Google Lat Long: Explore historic sites with the World Wonders Project Technology / Walk around the city with the new AIA Broadcastr App | ArchDaily Technology / 15 Free And Useful Online QR Code Generators | Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers Technology / DiskManager X - The Best Disk Space Analyzer for OS X  Technology / Actiontec Ethernet Over Coax HPNA Adapter - Twin Pack Technology / Apple Releases Apple TV Software Update 5.0.2 Technology / Dunno Is an Automated, Cross-Platform Research Assistant Technology / Google Blockly Is a Visual, Drag-and-Drop Tool for Building Apps and Learning to Code Technology /  Google Maps Mania: A New Google Maps Creation Tools Technology /

Video: TechIQ Chalk Talk 001 - Extending your home network

I have found over the years that a few drawings can quickly aid understanding of technology topics. Here is the first in a series of Chalk Talks where I address current technology topics and questions. This "Chalk Talk" steps you through 4 methods of extending your network to reach other areas of your house and other devices like your iPad, Internet-connected TV or media device and more. Mentioned in this Chalk Talk: Wireless Network Extenders Powerline Network Extenders Ethernet over Coax Network Extenders   Can't see the video above? Watch "TechIQ Chalk Talk 001 - Extending your home network " on YouTube Download "Chalk Talk 001 - Extending your home network" - iPod Ready Video Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel. Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+