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Showing posts from October, 2013

News: Wordpress 3.7 Update Now Available

Wordpress has been upgraded to version 3.7 and I saw notification of this in my Wordpress Dashboard today. As usual, this is for users who host their own, local, copies of Wordpress. If you you use, your blogs will be updated automatically. Here are a few updates available in this new version... Background Updates Automatic updates for maintenance and security updates. Daily updates for developers using nightly builds. Stronger Password Meter New password meter to encourage users to choose stronger passwords. Improved Search More relevant search results. Better Global Support Localized versions will receive faster and more complete translations. Background updates will include translations For a complete list of the extensive updates, view this page at the Wordpress Codex, Wordpress Version 3.7. Upgrade your locally hosted Wordpress sites today!

Adobe Password Reset Notices arriving in email boxes worldwide

As mentioned in my social media feeds last week, Adobe's system were compromised and information on registered users was accessed by some unknown attacker. It is unknown exactly how this information may be used and so Adobe has requested that all registered users reset their passwords for any Adobe accounts. I received notice for my own Adobe account this morning via email. This seems to indicate that a large number of these message were delivered to fellow Adobe users overnight. If you receive a similar message, I highly recommend visiting the link included in the email by typing the address directly into your browser. This site will ask you to entire the email address associated with your Adobe ID and then send you a separate, password reset email. Note: It took quite a while for the reset mail to arrive. I am guessing that Adobe's servers are handling a heavy load with all these notices. Be patient when waiting for the password reset email. The message... "Importan