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On my Mac/Windows PC…Disk Inventory X/WinDirStat

Disk Inventory X | WinDirStat   There comes a time in every computer user's life when they need to figure out why their hard drive is out of space and Disk Inventory X and WinDirStat are a great help. Their operation is pretty straightforward. Look at the hard drive directory and see what is taking up the most space. Then allow the user to prune, backup or other remove these files to free up some space. Simple, effective and very, very useful when you need it. Free Previously in On My Mac... iMovie Tweetdeck Celtx Scriptwriting Software LogMeIn Kindle Reader MarsEdit Blog Editor Cyberduck Minecraft Dropbox Garageband MPEG Streamclip Google Chrome Evernote On My Mac/Windows PC is an on-going series highlighting the software (and sometimes, hardware) I use on my Mac nearly every day. Look for additional On My Mac…posts in the coming weeks! -- Douglas

On my iPhone/Android Updates! - February 28, 2013 - Evernote

Every so often, as updates are released, I will post a list of updates that have been made to items previously featured in  On My iPhone/Android. Evernote for iOS | Evernote for Android Update Notice: "We are aware that some users are experiencing crashes on upgrade. We are testing a fix for this issue and will get a new version to you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, uninstalling and reinstalling the app should resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience. Snippets • New Snippet View is great for quickly scanning your notes Better PDF Viewing • New PDF viewer • Multipage preview screen for PDFs • Search inside of your PDFs to find what you need • Turn your iPad to get a 2-page view • New rotation lock option lets you lock your view Formatting Options • Simplify Text: Cleans up formatting. Great for web clips. • Plain Text: Converts the note into plain text Evernote Business • Business Notebooks can be set as Offline Notebooks • View your company’s Business Libra

On my iPhone/Android…imo Chat App

imo for iOS  |  imo  for Android I have always been a big user of chat applications and prefer them over SMS for my daily, real-time communication needs. Of course, this means you need an app that can keep you logged into all your chat services even when you are on the road. imo allows you to log into Skype, GoogleTalk and Facebook Chat systems from your smartphone when you are away from your computer. I often use this to quickly "ping" my wife and son with chats while I am out on meetings and consulting calls. imo also shows me as available in chat to all my usual chat followers, too, should they want to contact me. From the Google Play Store... "Chat, Call, Share - all in one place. Message and call your family and friends for free with imo messenger! FEATURES: - Free high-quality voice calls - Super fast and reliable messaging (much faster than SMS) - Group messaging and photo sharing"   Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": Kindle Reader iMap Weather

Computer and Technology Jobs Available - Search By Keywords and Location

Check out our list of Computer and Technology jobs (and others) available via Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords.

On my Mac…iMovie

iMovie It seems a little silly to highlight an Mac application that comes with every Macintosh made, but that said, I use iMovie nearly every day. I have access to more "professional" tools, but the fact is iMovie is often the tool I turn to to get things done. iMovies interface is easy enough for beginners to use, but also powerful enough to do some pretty amazing stuff. As I am trying to use it for more complex projects I am actually uncovering some of its more advanced features and finding it even more useful. Yes, it can be a bit"grumpy" sometimes -- wanting to do things its own way -- but overall I find it an extremely useful tool. From the Mac App Store... "iMovie ’11 helps you turn ordinary home videos into captivating Hollywood-style trailers that are fun to watch and share. You can choose from fifteen trailer templates including Adventure, Romantic Comedy, and Epic Drama, each with its own unique titles, graphics, and cinematic soundtrack. iMovie also

On my iPhone/Android…Kindle Reader (Free)

Kindle Reader for iOS  |  Kindle Reader  for Android One of the best thing about Kindle eBooks is that you don't need a Kindle device to read them. With the recent introduction of Amazon's Kindle Cloud Reader -- a web browser-based Kindle Reader -- you don't even need to download any extra software. That said, the Kindle reader apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices improves the reading experience. Here is a video I produced a few months ago about Kindle-less ebook reading. I have Kindle Reader on all of my devices so that can take advantage of any free moments I have to catch up on a couple of pages or a chapter of a book. I sometimes use the Send to Kindle Chrome extension to send longer web pages to my Kindle for more comfortable reading on the go, too. No matter what you read or which device you use, Kindle Reader will sync the farthest page read to all the devices when needed, so you never have to try and remember what "page" you were on.   From the Google

On my Mac/Windows PC…Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck Twitter Client Tweetdeck for Mac | Tweetdeck for Windows I've never been that fond of Twitter's web site or client software either, for that matter. Much of this stems from Twitters inability to understand that many people, myself included, have multiple Twitter accounts that they must monitor and use. The apps developed by Twitter force you to switch between accounts in order to view the stream and this simply doesn't work for me. Enter Tweetdeck (and several, now-defucnt, clients before it). This software was developed by a standalone company first and then acquired by Twitter so that should prevent it from disappearing too soon. As to the advantages of Tweetdeck? First, I can have one column that contains all the tweets from all my accounts. Then I can ad additional columns for specific purposes, such as monitoring the mentions (@ replies) and direct messages from each account. This consolidation allows me to easily use all of my Twitter accounts from one piec

On my iPhone/Android…iMap Weather Radio

iMap Weather Radio for iOS  |  iMap Weather Radio  for Android I am not usually one to buy high-priced smartphone apps (and I did get this one for free on its initial launch) but iMap Weather Radio could be worth the $9.99 price tag if you live in an are with violent and unpredictable weather. It would be very useful and maybe even save your life. That is high praise for a smartphone app, but if you live in Tornado Alley here in the US or anywhere there is violent weather, you need warning of incoming weather so you can prepare yourself and your property. Like the weather radios we have seen for years, imps Weather Radio receives, and immediately broadcasts, important weather advisories, watches and warning. They begin playing immediately in audio format no matter what you might be doing with your phone. I have mine set for weather alerts both here in Los Angeles, where I live, and for my hometown in Ohio where my parents still live. Frankly there is a lot more weather in Ohio and it

Video: TechIQ First Impressions 001: Winston for iPhone

The first in my new series, First Impressions , where I walk through the new signup/installation/use of a new app, Mac or Windows application, web site or service and let you see all the pros and cons. I check out an amazing amount of software and services, so I thought I should begin sharing my experiences and thoughts with you. Today's app is Winston , something I have dubbed an audio version of Flipboard. It provides you with quick audio updates of news, topics and even your Facebook and Twitter feeds.   Can't see the video above? Watch "TechIQ First Impressions 001: Winston for iPhone" on YouTube   Download "TechIQ First Impressions 001: Winston for iPhone " - iPod Ready Video   Watch all TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel. It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers. Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

First Impressions: focus@will - music to work by

First Impressions is a new series of both blog posts and videos showing my first impressions with new software, web sites and services. I know that my first impressions with a new service can often deeply effect how I use it (or don't us it) in the future, so I want to start sharing these experiences with you so that you can see how I see how they might fit into your own work flow. First Impressions 1: focus@will - music to work by I first discovered this site via an article on Engadget and decided to check it out. Since i work from home, I find that my day-to-day work can be a bit scattered and my attention isn't always focused on the work at hand. focus@will is a web site that uses music to help you bring some focus back to your day when you need it most. focus@will (and, yes, they do not capitalize the name) is basically a curated music collection and player. The player allows you to select from a short list of musical genres and then begins playing music of that type. The

Video: TechIQ Tip - Adding Gmail Contacts

How to easily add Contacts to your Gmail Contacts List I get the question a lot and thought I would share this quick tip to anyone else who might need it. Can't see the video above? Watch " TechIQ Tip - Adding Gmail Contacts " on YouTube Download " Adding Gmail Contacts " - iPod Ready Video Watch all TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel. It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers. Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

On my Mac/Windows PC…Celtx Scriptwriting Software

Celtx Scriptwriting Software It is said that everyone in Los Angeles has a script to sell, so the need for a program like Celtx is great. I first came across this free scriptwriting software a few years ago when I was looking for an alternative to the very expensive and heavily copy-protected programs that were currently in use on most productions. When you are just starting out, paying $400-$500 for a scriptwriting program could be very difficult. Since that time, Celtx has branched out into premium services, including cloud access and collaboration tools, pre-planning and storyboarding tools and a commercial version of the product. While I don't write in script format a lot, my wide -- a college professor and teacher of television and movie writing -- regularly recommends it as a free alternative for her students. Celtx also now offers a cloud-version of Celtx that works directly in your web browser as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps. From the Celtx Web Site... "Celtx

On my iPhone/Android…LinkedIn

LinkedIn for iOS | LinkedIn for Android While I don't work my LinkedIn contacts as much as some folks, it is always good to be able to interact with my contacts there whenever they wish. LinkedIn allows me to access nearly every function of the LinkedIn site from my iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, including my original Kindle Fire. From the iTunes App Store... "Get on-the-go access to your professional network with the LinkedIn app for iPad and iPhone. • Find and connect with more than 200 million members worldwide. • Stay up-to-date with people in your network. • Sync your calendar to get LinkedIn profile information about the people you're meeting with.* • Edit your profile from within the app.** • View and save recommended jobs.** • Read the latest industry news. • Keep up-to-date with your groups. • Share content with your network. • Follow and learn more about companies." Previously in "On my iPhone/Android…": LiveStrong CalorieTracker Skype Fli

Video: TechIQ Tip - Restoring iTunes 11 Look and Feel - Mac and Windows versions

Apple changed a lot of the user interface in iTunes 11. Here is how to restore much of the old look and feel of previous versions. Can't see the video above? Watch " TechIQ Tip - Restoring iTunes 11 Look and Feel - Mac and Windows versions " on YouTube Download " TechIQ Tip - Restoring iTunes 11 Look and Feel - Mac and Windows versions " - iPod Ready Video Watch all TechnologyIQ Videos Please Like and/or subscribe to my channel. It directly effects how often this video is suggested to other YouTube viewers. Follow TechnologyIQ on Twitter Like TechnologyIQ on Facebook Circle TechnologyIQ on Google+

News: Twitter hacked and forcing password changes on some accounts

If you receive a notice from Twitter like the one below, it is a legitimate note. It seems that Twitter was hacked and exposed the information of up to around 250,000 accounts. Read " Twitter Hacked, 250,000 User Accounts Potentially Compromised " from AllThingsDIgital   While Twitter makes note to check your address bar to insure it says, if you receive this notice, don't click on the link in the email but rather log into your Twitter account directly by visiting and logging in. If you need to change your password, Twitter will force you through that process. Some good new -- since most external sites that access Twitter now use OAuth to connect to Twitter (which does not use or know you main Twitter password) you shouldn't have to change passwords on any external sites that are linked to your Twitter account. By visiting the site manually, you insure you are talking directly to and not some malware site. By the way, this is

Videos from TechnologyIQ - January 2013

Here is a review list of all the videos I  produced in January 2013. You can find all my past videos on my YouTube Channel. If you enjoy a video, please click the Like button or Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Doing that directly effects how many other people will see the video. Set Minimum Text Size in Safari 6 and Chrome 24    How to install iOS Updates on your iPhone and iPad

My Favorite Technology Things for January 2013

It looks like I shared lots of Food and Gardening items in the past month. It is interesting to watch how my interests rise and fall over the course of the months. As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas Technology / Raspberry Pi gets an open source educational manual Technology / Apple supposedly considering Waze acquisition | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog New Media / Griffin launches MicConect XLR microphone adapter updates StudioConnect with Lightning connector Technology / Charge All Your iOS Gear From a Single Outlet With Griffin's PowerDock 5 New Media / Hands-on with Blue Mics' Nessie: a USB mic that masks your flaws (video) New Media / Rode iXY Microphone ears on (video) Technology / Rode iXY Microphone ears on (video) New Media / Zoom iQ5 professional stereo microphone hands-on Links to all of these items, and more, are on my Pinterest Feed .