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Generating snowflakes using L-Systems [Shared]

Generating snowflakes using L-Systems Code available on the site. Play with Generating snowflakes using L-Systems

World window via ALEXSHAKESPEARE [Shared]

The Covid pandemic has meant that I’m in the house a lot more, and travel has been restricted/difficult to say the least. Since I’ve been more involved in video streaming technology professionally recently, I decided to build a project based off these techologies to relieve some of the cabin fever. The World Window shows a live webcam of various locations around the world, behind a real window frame. To change location, you can move the plane around a world map to pre-determined locations (lit by small LEDs) – the plane is magnetic to sticks to the map. In addition to this, there is another sensor that tracks your position in front of the frame, to give a false sense of perspective when moving around in front of the frame. Read World window  An interesting link found among my daily reading

Voiceliner via Max Krieger [Shared]

I have an upcoming trip to Vienna next month and might try out this app for keeping a journal of the trip. I have kept a handwritten journal of past trips, but sometimes it becomes too time-consuming to write down everything while it is happening. I like the inclusion of the location feature, too, to aid in remembering the places we visited. – Douglas The fastest way to capture and structure your thoughts: through voice. Hold record, say what you want, and release. Just like you'd expect from an outliner, create hierarchies and rearrange. Notes are auto-transcribed and searchable, but you can always play back the audio. Automatically attach location to notes. Remember walks you took, and which places sparked what ideas. Read Voiceliner via Home | Max Krieger An interesting link found among my daily reading

Building a Generative Art Gallery with P5.js — Rich Tabor via Rich Tabor

TLDR; I built a generative art creation flow that is fully autonomous: generating art daily from creative code, and publishing to Instagram and WordPress without any human input. Cool, eh? Creative coding — programming towards a visual pursuit, instead of functional, is a medium that I’ve wanted to personally explore for some time now. I love that it’s a mass of creativity, somewhere between design and programming, which is right up my alley. Read Building a Generative Art Gallery with P5.js — Rich Tabor via Rich Tabor An interesting link found among my daily reading