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Noted: Free, Friendly, Fabulous: Scarygirl (Game)

"Noted" items are interesting posts I found in my daily reading. -- Douglas Free, Friendly, Fabulous: Scarygirl from Rock, Paper, Shotgun by Jim Rossignol Browser-based, hook-handed platformer Scarygirl has been released (and is currently being crushed by the weight of internet traffic). It turns out to be a highly accomplished, preposterously beautiful little game: it’s a kind of perfect collision between the best children’s books and cream of 16-bit era platform puzzlers. The puzzles are splendidly intricate, it’s full of weird little details and flourishes, and the artwork - by master illustrator Nathan Jurevicius - is simply magnificently colourful and charming throughout. Clearly you must stop reading my blather and go play it without further ado.