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Gmail now assists in migrating from other email systems

I so wish Google had had this available when I was forced to hand migrate a client's email contacts from AOL to their new Gmail account. It was painful, to say the least, and horribly time consuming. I haven't yet tried this new migration with someone, but I have some candidates I am going to approach so I can use them as a test. If you are still using AOL, do yourself a favor and check out Gmail. I have moved all my email over to my Gmail address and can now easily access it on my own computers, friends computers, my iPhone and pretty much anywhere I have an Internet connection. Gmail Makes Email Switching Easier By  Kevin Purdy ,  5:30 AM  on Thu May 14 2009, 12,921 views Been looking to move a friend or relative to  Gmail , but they complain the move from AOL, Hotmail, or their ISP email would be painful? Let 'em know Gmail now offers an easy switching tool. Read the entire article