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iPhone: 5 Excellent iOS Apps for Capturing and Editing Video

These days I don't even own a standard camcorder anymore. Sure, there are times when it would come in handy for doing particular types of video, but I find myself turning to my iPhone 4 more and more for producing the short videos I produce for my blogs and podcasts. Face it, the iPhone is in my pocket and always with me. I can see something I want to capture and then record it with little to no fuss in very high quality. With an iPhone 4s you can even record in full 1080 resolution if you wish, although I find the 720p video of the iPhone 4 to be almost perfect for uploading and viewing on YouTube. The built-in camera app on the iPhone allows you to trim the start and end of your video, but the programs listed below allow you make a variety of changes to your video, even combining them as you would on larger, desktop PC-based editing systems. They are a great place to start if you want to take your iPhone video making up a notch. 5 Excellent iOS Apps for Capturing and Editing Vide

iPhone: Facebook Camera iPhone app released

Facebook Camera iPhone App Facebook has been rolling out a variety of apps for the iPhone in the last week or so and their new Camera app joins the lineup today. Below you will find a hands-on from Engadget to give you all the specifics.  I wonder why the decided to release this as a separate app instead of rolling it into the main Facebook app, although they did the same with the recent Page Manager app, too. I would guess the have some strategy behind this, but for the average user it adds a bit of clutter to their springboard. Link: Facebook Camera in iTunes Store Facebook Camera hands-on : Facebook has kept itself rather busy in the last month or so with such tasks as going public and purchasing popular photo-sharing app Instagram , but that doesn't mean it stopped working on other projects in the meantime. [...] Continue reading Facebook Camera hands-on

Facebook Pages Manager app allows some mobile management

If you are an admin of a Facebook page and an iPhone user, you finally have a mobile app that allows you post and do some minimal management of those pages. From app description... Pages Manager helps admins connect with their audience and keep up with activity on multiple Pages, all in one place. Features: Post new updates and photos as your Page Get notified about new activity on your Page when it happens, no matter where you are Respond, post and comment as your Page while you’re on-the-go Manage all your Facebook Pages from one app View your latest Page Insights Just install Pages Manager and then log in using Facebook to quickly access and manage all of your Pages from wherever you are. Link: Facebook Pages Manager  from iTunes App Store  

Video: TechnologyIQ Tip - Remote Control

It can be very useful to control a computer remotely for tech support or accessing information while on the road. Here Douglas presents 2 services he uses to remotely access his own computer as well as his client's when providing technical support. Links : LogMeIn - Adobe ConnectNow - Don't see the video above? Watch "TechnologyIQ Tip - Remote Control" on YouTube Download "TechnologyIQ Tip - Remote Control" - iPod Ready Video    Subscribe to Douglas' YouTube Channel  |  Watch the TechnologyIQ YouTube Playlist  Subscribe to the TechInologyIQ podcast using iTunes

Day(s) in the life of a computer consultant

News: AppleTV Software Update (5.0.1) now available

AppleTV owners should see a new software update available on their units. According to and other sources these updates patch provide HD previews of TV shows and movies, fix some issues with Home Sharing and also an Airplay bug. More info available at: Knowledgebase Article How to update your Apple TV? -

Computer and Technology Jobs Available - Search Your Keywords and Location

Check out our list of Computer and Technology jobs (and others) available via Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords.

Video: TechIQ What's New? - Show 001 - Podcast

TechIQ What's New? is a new show reviewing some of my best finds from around the Internet. I'll be producing these episodes regularly to discuss those articles, sites and products that can help you  "Control your technology -- don't let it control you!"   If you don't see the video above, please watch "TechIQ What's New? - Show 001" directly on YouTube Download "TechIQ What's New? - Show 001" as iPod-Ready podcast Subscribe to Douglas' YouTube Channel | Watch the TechnologyIQ YouTube Playlist  Subscribe to the TechInologyIQ podcast using iTunes

Product: BioLite stove heats, cooks and powers your USB devices using twigs

The BioLite CampStove (and its larger sibling, the HomeStove) were originally designed to replace less efficient and dangerous open fires in developing countries. That said, the CampStove could easily find a place in your camping (or earthquake preparedness) kit this Summer. It could be just what you need to keep your phone charged and communicating when you need it most. Available for pre-order at $129, the CampStove not only cooks your food and boils your water, it can also power your USB gadgets like smartphones and LED lights. Even better, it does this using small sticks, pinecones, pellets or other biomass, not large amounts of firewood. The wood is continuously fed into the stove and a thermoelectric generator turns a small fan to aid in complete and efficient combustion of the materials.  The excess energy is then available to use for your technology. More information is available from the BioLite webs site

My favorite shared technology items for April 2012

Here are mu favorite shared technology items for April 2012. Use (almost) any remote with an Apple TV iPhone: Sleep Time app monitors your sleep cycles Creates Great-Looking Video Chats in Minutes, No Sign-Ups Required Facebook revealing the personal data it collects, won't spare your drunk-poking blushes -- Engadget Fixing My Most Common Gmail Annoyance Livestream Broadcaster hands-on -- Engadget GoPro HD Hero 2's free ProTune upgrade will add 24fps and higher bitrates -- Engadget Sort Gmail Messages by Size and Get Rid of Data Hogs Metro Unveils A New Smartphone App: Will You Use It? iConvert Instantly Converts Audio and Video for Your iOS Device, Is So Easy a Caveman Could Use It Firefox 12 now available for download, Windows users get silent updates -- Engadget Amazon releases “Send to Kindle” desktop software for the Mac (Jacqui Cheng/Ars Technica) Cinemagram App Sees Quick Growth for Animated Photos - Liz Gannes - Social - AllThingsD Dropbox adds automatic pho

PowerSketch iPhone app free for short time

I saw that this app, PowerSketch is available for free for a short period of time. Grab it before it returns to normal pricing. From the app's description... Turn life's precious moments into artistic sketches in seconds PowerSketch is a fascinating yet easy-to-use app that brings out the Picasso in you. 10+ realistic and creative sketch effects come standard with PowerSketch, including rice paper, picture-in-picture, shadow, wash, neon, and more. You can capture an image and turn it into a sketch or select an image from your camera roll or gallery to convert to a sketch. Read more and download the app  First seen via's Today's App Deals Here is an example of the charcoal sketch filter in the PowerSketch app.