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On my iPhone…Donna Proactive Meeting Management

Donna Proactive Meeting Management I don't have a lot of meetings in my day, but those that do know how difficult it can be to manage and keep track of everything you have to do and everywhere you need to be. Enter Donna, a proactive iPhone app that helps you keep track of everything, tells you when to leave for your meetings, notifies others when you might be late and even gives you directions to the next meeting location. I am a big fan of proactive apps, when done well, because it relieves my mind from trying to keep everything in my head and allows me to focus on the task at hand. From the iTunes App Store... "Smart Notifications ・Never be late again - Donna notifies you when to leave based on traffic, travel time, and where you are ・Supports driving, biking, and walking ・It looks sunny now, but Donna will tell you if it's going to rain where you're going later in the day ・Summary of your next day so you know when to wake up and how busy you'll be An A

TV Worth Watching: Shock and Awe - The Story of Electricity

Originally appeared in TV Worth Watching  on My Word with Douglas E. Welch and is a new series highlighting my favorite television viewing. I am a big fan of UK television, so you are sure to see many UK shows and movies featured here. -- Douglas TV Worth Watching:  Shock and Awe - The Story of Electricity Another amazing BBC science documentary. I consider shows like this My Own Personal Master's Degree . I am very self-directed in my education and shows like this can help expand my knowledge greatly. I also love science, so I tend to "geek out" on shows like this when I find them. I most love the combination of history and science that these documentary's provide. I think it is a great way to explore a subject deeply, but in ways that the average person can understand. This 3-part series covers the history of our discovery and taming of electricity and how it has deeply and dramatically effected human life. Watch "Shock and Awe - The story of Electricit

Wordpress 3.5.2 Released with security upgrades

I just saw notice in my Wordpress dashboard that their latest update is now available. It resolves a number of security issues in the software. As usual, it is best to install updates soon after they are released to prevent any hacking attacks that might arise from these known bugs. Click on the "Please Update Now" banner in your Wordpress Dashboard to install the update automatically. From the Wordpress 3.5.2 release notes: The security fixes included: Blocking server-side request forgery attacks, which could potentially enable an attacker to gain access to a site. Disallow contributors from improperly publishing posts, reported by Konstantin Kovshenin, or reassigning the post’s authorship, reported by Luke Bryan. An update to the SWFUpload external library to fix cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Reported by mala and Szymon Gruszecki. Prevention of a denial of service attack, affecting sites using password-protected posts. An update to an external TinyMCE libra

Computer and Technology Jobs Available - Search By Keywords and Location

Check out our list of Computer and Technology jobs (and others) available via Enter your location for jobs close to you. You can also search on other keywords.

Free Old Oak Tree Computer and Smartphone Wallpapers for June 2013

Here is a selection of free wallpapers for your computer desktop or smartphone. Right-click and select Save Image As… to download them to your own computer. On your smartphone, click the image to see the full-sized image, tap and hold, then select Save to Camera Roll. You can then attach the wallpapers using your phone's preferences. Desktop Wallpaper Download full-sized version iPad/Tablet Wallpaper Download full-sized iPad/Tablet wallpaper iPhone4/Smartphone Wallpaper Download full-sized iPhone 4 wallpaper iPhone5/Smartphone Wallpaper Download Full-sized iPhone 5 Wallpaper Previous garden wallpapers: Magnolia Rhaphiolepis Native Sunflower Koi Pond White Chamomile Flower Palm Tree Water Lily Artichoke Wallpapers Morning Glory Wallpapers Sunflower Wallpapers Hibiscus Closeup Wallpapers Garden Face Wallpapers Passiflora Wallpapers Daisies Wallpapers Cherry Blossoms Wallpapers Paperwhites Wallpapers

Video: Jack Sparx and his Electric Toys from Maker Faire 2008

From the Maker Faire Program... Jack Sparx and his Electric Toys Electricity you can see and feel will thrill those that come visit me! Small and medium Tesla coils, a large Van de Graff gnerator that will shock you if you like. Learn how a Jacob's Ladder is built and see one displayed. If you enjoy lightning storms, you'll have fun as we play with my high voltage toys! Web site : Topic(s) : Science Tags : Tesla+Coil "Jacob's Ladder" " Van de Graff generator" About the Maker(s) John Dyer [] Dyer Electric The first word I said was plug! I have been involved with electricity all my life. I have had careers as an electrical contractor, radio engineer, audio engineer and many others. Born, raised, and remain in Sacramento. Built and exhibited art, a radio station and science at Burning Man and other venues around the area.