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Apple announces new Macbook Air, iLife suite, Facetime for Mac and coming improvements to Mac OS X

Apple had one of their big announcements today with a host of information. You can find complete info, including video from today's announcement at the links below. I will also add additional links from other blogs and web sites as it arrives. Information from Apple: Apple Announcement Video Macbook Air Video Apple Facetime for Mac Beta Apple Mac OS X Lion Sneak Peak Blogs and Web Sites: Techcrunch: Behold, New Macbook Air Pictures Live Blog: Apple's "Back to the Mac" Event (iLife, OS X Lion, New Macbook Air) New MacBook Airs come with Software Reinstall USB drive What to Expect in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion [Mac OS X] MacBook Air (13-inch) first hands-on! Apple unveils new, instant-on $999 MacBook Air: 'MacBook meets iPad' FaceTime for Mac Bridges the Gap Between iOS Devices and the OS X Desktop [Update: Available Now] [Downloads]

Elsewhere Online: Google Finally Adds Goggles To The iPhone

Update : Delete and re-install Google Mobile iPhone app to get new Googles feature immediately Looking forward to trying out this visual search feature on my iPhone. The better camera in the iPhone 4 has increased the utility of many other scanning and augmented reality apps and I expect this will help with Google Goggles, as well. As the author noted, the updated app has not appeared yet in the Apple App store, but I will download it as soon as it is available. -- Douglas Almost A Year After It Hit Android, Google Finally Adds Goggles To The iPhone : "One of the biggest downsides of being in the iPhone camp rather than the Android camp is not getting early access to some of the cooler mobile things Google is working on. One of those is Google Goggles , a visual search feature that launched last December for Android . Now, almost a year later, it’s finally here for the iPhone as well. As they’ve announced on their Google Mobile Blog today, Google has placed Google Goggles for the