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New Keyboard Time - Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition Essential Mechanical Gaming Keyboard As time goes on there is a never ending need for newer and better hardware. I recently had to upgrade my hardware set with a new keyboard. I started my search with a few key things in my mind. The keyboard had to be mechanical, it had to have anti-ghosting protection, and it had to be around 100 dollars at most. The blackwidow tournament edition filled all of those categories. This keyboard has satisfied my needs and has exceeded my expectations. I knew i’d notice some difference between my old non-mechanical keyboard. I was shocked at how significant of a difference it made. I feel the keys responding to my actions better. The keyboard has served its purpose and satisfied my needs in the gaming and typing world. I highly recommend this keyboard as a low budget gaming accessory.

Cool: Mechanical Wonder Mantel Clock from Dot & Bo

Another cool clock spotted over at Dot & Bo . It always seems that once you spot one interesting item, similar one’s suddenly catch your eye wherever you go. Spotted at Dot & Bo  

Cool: Steampunky, Retro, Flip Clock stripped to its essentials

I have seen this clock in a few places recently and I think it would be a cool addition to my office. Retro Flip Down Clock - Internal Gear Operated

New Media Gear 24: KumbaCam 3 Axis SmartPhone Stabilizer mentioned in New Media Interchange Episode 14

Originally posted on Careers in New Media with Douglas E. Welch New Media Gear 23: KumbaCam 3 Axis SmartPhone Stabilizer Mentioned in New Media Interchange Episode 14: Emmys, Apple Television Streaming and VR 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer for SmartPhones. (Works with iPhone 6+ and GoPro cameras) 3 modes which can be changed as simply as tapping the mode button Heading Follow Mode (Default) - Phone Pitch and Roll Angles remain constant, heading follows the handheld position. Heading Mode (Tap Mode Once) - Keeps the phone pointed in the same direction Locking Mode (Tap mode Twice) - Keeps the phone pointed in the forward direction from the Handle Link : KumbaCam Web site   * A portion of each sale from directly supports our blogs Previously on New Media Gear: Zoom iQ5B Condenser Microphone Blue Microphones Spark Digital Studio-Grade Condenser Microphone for Apple iPad and USB 2.0 Fancierstudio 3000 Watt Digital Video Continuous Softbox Lighting Kit Headphone

Noted: How to pick your first programming language from Udacity

I discovered this infographic from Udacity via BoingBoing this morning and thought it might be useful to some of you who are looking to begin a career in programming. Click the infographic to see a full-sized version. "4 Ways to Pick Your First Programming Language If you haven’t picked your first programming language, the programming world is your oyster. Yet with evangelists for every language telling you their language is the best, choosing one to start with can be incredibly overwhelming. We’ve looked at the data for the top ten programming languages in the US (based on IEEE Spectrum data) to help you pick the best language to start with based on your priorities in lifestyle, location, and career potential." Check out the entire infographic here

Photo: Forget the pets…now the drones are going walkabout! Seen in the neighborhood yesterday. #drone #life #signs #funny #technology via Instagram

Forget the pets…now the drones are going walkabout! Seen in the neighborhood yesterday. #drone #life #signs #funny #technology via Instagram

3-D Printers -- New Tech, New Times

3-D printing, the next step in prototyping currently and the future of mass production. 3-D printers are being used for all kinds of tasks today. In our Hex-labs makerspace tour we saw their wall of printers working away at various projects. 3-D printing gives a physical prototype to something you only had to imagine and then plug into software on your computer. What used to take model builders hours and sometimes even days could now be roughly completed in a day at most for the average hobbyist. Even big corporations are finally taking the leap forward with 3-D printing being used to make the models for molds that would later be used for the mass production of toys or other such things. Even the food industry is taking ideas from the 3-D printing world.There were several 3-D printers shown off at last years CES that were solely used for printing food. They could print in sugars and chocolates and were able to produce edible art that would never have been possible before. They ev