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Noted: TED Talks iPhone Application

I listen to a lot of the TED Talks as podcasts, so it is great to see an iPhone app to help even more people discover the great information delivered at each TED Conference. I will be downloading this app ASAP -- Douglas TED Talks iPhone Application : " The quarter-century old nonprofit TED —Technology, Education and Design—just made their mission of spreading innovative ideas easier with their iPhone application . Aggregating the latest audio and video from the TED talks and conferences, the search function sorts through the hundreds of speakers and a bookmarking feature marks favorites. The TED app is free, compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch and available from iTunes .

LA Street Traffic in Google Maps

Update August 25, 2009 : According to the Google Maps group, street traffic has been turned on today. I noticed it early this morning, when I brought up Google Maps on my iPhone. While I had seen some information on state routes over the last several months, this update adds a host of larger streets throughout the area, at least here in LA. Update: It looks like this was only a test on Google's part. I hope they move to launch it as soon as possible, though, as it will be amazingly helpful in navigating around the city How did I miss this? Has this feature been available for a while? If you look at this screen grab, you will notice that Google Maps traffic now shows surface street traffic, not just the freeways. I used to have to go to the LA City Traffic Info page to get this amount of detail. Unfortunately, the iPhone Maps application doesn't show this data yet. This would be so cool and so useful to have in the palm of your hand when driving about the city, like I do.

Noted: Stellarium Turns Your Computer Screen into a Planetarium [Downloads]

Stellarium Turns Your Computer Screen into a Planetarium [Downloads] : Windows/Mac/Linux: Whether you're a die-hard astronomy buff or someone who'd just like an idea of what constellations are where, Stellarium is a fantastic tool for viewing the night sky from the comfort of your home.