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LIVE from the Library - June 28, 2007

Digital Pictures and EXIF information, disposable phone numbers and more! Listen to Live from the Library - June 28, 2007 (Listen Backup) Link: Previously on LIVE from the Library Support TechnologyIQ: iTunes Review | | Podcast Alley | Reader/Listener Line @ 818-804-5049 $2 per month donation One Time Donation Technorati Tags: DIY , howto , how-to , tutorial , technology , windows , macintosh , software , computers , email , high-tech

Don't camp out for an iPhone!

As much as the Apple iPhone might be a neat piece of technology, and even useful, it is NOT, NOT, NOT worth camping out at your local Apple Store or AT&T outlet to get one on the day that it is released. There are several reasons for this: NOTHING is worth camping out. Repeat, NOTHING. There are millions of people all over the world who have to "camp out" in order to survive. Camping out for the "priviledge" of buying an iPhone (or any other piece of technology) is simply stupid. NEVER by a Revision 1 device...EVER...unless you simply love dealing with buggy software, incomplete systems and fragile hardware. Waiting even 1 day will make it cheaper and less of a trial to buy. Waiting a week makes if like buying anything else. Waiting a month, is probably a good idea. Heck, wait until Rev. 2, if you really want to get something good. Finally, those who are camping out for the priviledge of spending $600-$1000 (with accessories) and another couple of thosand for a

Elsewhere Online: Get a free disposable phone number with Numbr

Interesting web services just keep coming and coming. This service, Numbr, (following the odd naming convention originally created by Flickr, the photo-sharing site, gives you a way to let people contact you, without allowing them complete access to your life. Privacy: Get a free disposable phone number with Numbr Web site Numbr provides free, anonymous, disposable phone numbers. ...Numbr is Craigsnumber re-branded with a lot of cool new features. Numbr supports 23 US cities, can forward calls to up to 2 phones, blocks telemarketers, and offers a Do Not Disturb option from 9PM to 8AM. Additionally, the app can also take voicemails and email you your disposable number's call history. If you ever feel wary about handing out your real number for a short term contact (say for Craigslist), Numbr is the perfect place to go. (Via Lifehacker .) Technorati Tags: howto , how-to , technology , high-tech , free , service , web , phone

Elsewhere Online: from Goosing Your Muse

My friend JoAnn at her Goosing Your Muse creativity blog , posts this neat online toy. Design your own town and then share it with others. - Game Years ago, my mother took me by surprise when she revealed that she would have loved to design and build cities . I think she would have been very good at it. If only she'd had this fun little game ... There are 3 choices: Medieval castle, snow scene or future city. I suggest you choose a background first and then choose and place the roads or walkways. (Each segment is drag & drop .) Then you can go from there ... choosing commercial buildings, houses and so on. When you're done, you can save and send to a friend. Enjoy! (Via Goosing Your Muse by JoAnn Braheny .) Technorati Tags: build , make , technology , high-tech , cool , crafts , kids , children , web , online

Gizmodo: Apple: OS X 10.4.10 is Out Now

I just loaded up 10.4.10 and there are no problems so far. It did seem to take a looooooong time to install, though. Things like that always give me the shudders, wondering if my machine will still boot when the update is complete. Of course, that is why I do the updates before most of you, so that I can let you know if anything untoward occurs. I will keep you updated on any major changes. Apple: OS X 10.4.10 is Out Now Mac users, Apple 's first double digit OS X update (.10) is officially out, so go and hit the software update button and enjoy. But for the detail oriented readers out there, here's what they fixed. (Via Gizmodo .) Technorati Tags: technology , macintosh , software , computers , high-tech , apple , macosx

This is not the time to call tech support...

by Harry Bliss via Technorati Tags: consult , consulting , service , comic , tech , support

LIVE from the Library - June 14, 2007

Gimp, LogMeIn, Top 10 Microsoft Replacements from, question and answer and more! Listen to Live from the Library - June 14, 2007 (Listen Backup) Link: Previously on LIVE from the Library Support TechnologyIQ: iTunes Review | | Podcast Alley | Reader/Listener Line @ 206-338-5832 $2 per month donation One Time Donation Technorati Tags: DIY , howto , how-to , tutorial , technology , windows , macintosh , software , computers , email , high-tech

Fill out PDF files online with PDF Filler

Ever needed to fill out a PDF form and send it back to someone, without a fax machine? Try PDF Filler . I needed to do that the other day when an organization requested a required form that had been missed during our initial meetings. I had just seen this web site come through my RSS feeds, so I thought I would give it a try. While PDF Filler is a bit rough around the edges, it does indeed work. I was able to fill out the form and then email to myself as JPG files, which I then forwarded to the organization. While there are standalone PDF fillers, I realy liked the convenience of PDF Filler . No software to install. No muss. No fuss. Link: PDF Filler Technorati Tags: howto , how-to , technology , computers , high-tech , cool , free

LIVE from the Library - June 14, 2007

Join us LIVE Thursday, June 14, 2007 for our next Internet Seminar at the Sherman Oaks Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library . Join us LIVE! Need more information on joining out LIVE shows? You can listen to past sessions and other TechnologyIQ audio by clicking below Technorati Tags: california , howto , how-to , podcast , podcasting , tutorial , events , losangeles , technology , learning , education , library

Elsewhere Online: Library Elf helps you manage all your library accounts

(I posted this recently on the Friends in Tech blog, but thought you might find it useful, so I am reposting here. -- Douglas) When you are as much of a bibliophile as my family, it can be a trial to manage all the books you have checked out and those you have on hold, waiting to be delivered to your local library. Add to this a spouse who is engaged in the final stages of a Ph.D and you have the makings of an organizational nightmare. This is what makes it such a lucky chance that I discovered Library Elf a year or so ago. Library Elf , in cooperation with hundreds of libraries across the US, Canada Australia, New Zealand and the UK, allows you to collect information for each card you manage and combine it into one, easy-to-use, interface. If your library is included in their list of compatible library systems, you can enter your library card numbers and login information. Then, regardless of the online services your library provides, you gain automated web and email notifications o

Podcasting for Writers at UCLA Extension

Today the UCLA Extension calendar for Summer 2007 was released to the public. Among the offerings is our new class, Podcasting for Writers -- a 10-week online course. If you, or someone you know, would like to join us for this class, here is the complete information. Rosanne and I are really looking forward to the class. NEW COURSE Podcasting for Writers (Online) X 430.27 Film & Television 3 units $525 Podcasting has given writers direct access to a worldwide audience and freed them from absolute dependency on television networks, radio stations, and publishers to buy and market their work. To the audience, podcasting is "what you want, where you want it, when you want it," while to the podcast creator and producer, it is the ultimate creative freedom. This course covers the current state of this new medium; the basics of writing for it; and strategies for publicizing your podcast and expanding your readers, viewers, and listeners. Guest speakers available via audio

Elsewhere Online: Top 10 Microsoft Alternatives from LifeHack

I am always looking for alternatives to Microsoft products, usually in response to their expense. Your average person really doesn't need a huge $400 copy of MS Office when they only use a fraction of its features. This article from details some great Microsoft alternatives, especially for those of your on a budget...and aren't we all. (SMILE) Top 10 Microsoft Alternatives As many of you probably already know, there are a number of excellent and often superior alternatives to Microsoft software. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s vast market share and practically unlimited financial resources keep these products from ever seeing the growth they deserve (even those with superior products). (Via .) Technorati Tags: technology , windows , microsoft , macintosh , software , computers , high-tech , freeware , shareware , free , cheap