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Gift Guide 2013: WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud Storage

 WD My Cloud 3TB Personal Cloud Storage While there are public services doe sharing your files with friends and family, some people prefer the security and privacy of a locally managed cloud that still allows you to access the files from anywhere you are and whatever device you wish. Features: (from Back up files from all your computers Upload, access and save photos and videos from your mobile devices Stream to your DLNA/UPnP-certified connected TVs, media players and gaming consoles Free up space on your mobile device Reliable and secure with industry leading warranty and password protection Blazing-fast file transfers Expandable storage High-performance media streaming Your own personal cloud - Keep all your photos, videos, music and files in one safe place at home or your office. No monthly fees. No limits. Centralize your family's media collection - Store and organize all your family's photos, videos, music and important documents in one secure

Gift Guide 2013: Starter Kit for Newsite Arduino Uno R3

Starter Kit for Newsite Uno R3   Taking a walk on the geekier side of tech today. The Arduino is a small, some are even tiny, computer that you can use to build and operate fun, geeky and sometimes even useful creations. The simple board has tons of inputs and outputs which you can connect to a variety of other devices and then write programs to read data in and send controls out. It is hard to describe an Arduino except to say that it is possibility in the form of a small computer. You can check out loads of cool projects people are doing with the Arduino on the web. Here are some Arduino resources: Arduino Playground Top 40 Arduino Projects on the Web Arduino Projects from More 2013 Gift Guide Items: The Drunken Botanist : The plants that create the world's great drinks The Promise by Dawn Comer Jefferson and Rosanne Welch The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player Minecraft fpr PC | Minecraft for Xbox 36

Gift Guide 2013: Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player A friend gifted me one of these little devices and it quickly superseded all other ways of sending content to my flat screen TV. The Chromecast is and Android device that plugs directly into the HDMI port on your TV and into a USB port or wall outlet for power. After a short setup, content can be sent from your computer or mobile device and "handed off" to the Chromecast for display. While Google has promised an entire collection of apps that can see and utilize the Chromecast, currently 4 apps support it -- YouTube, Netflix, Hulu+ and Pandora. Since my video watching consists almost entirely of YouTube and Netflix, the Chromecast is a great product for me. I can easily select my list of YouTube subscription on my phone and start watching them almost immediately. I can select items one-by-one or queue them up for continuous watching. Viewing Netflix is just as easy -- selecting from my list of preselected items, or the next

Gift Guide 2013: Minecraft for PC and XBox

Minecraft My son got me started with Minecraft several years ago and I am definitely hooked! I am NOT a big gamer in any way, but the sandbox metaphor of Minecraft -- doing whatever interests you most -- building whatever you like -- keeps me going and always provides something new to do. I even went so far as to set up a multiplayer server here at the house (and now on a hosted server from )  where my son and I, and some select friends can play in our own little world. Minefull - My Minecraft Let's Play Video Series You can download the client software and play in single player mode to try things out, but at just a little over $26, Minecraft is an inexpensive way to have a lot of fun with your computer -- in your own little world! Minecraft Web Site Minecraft for Xbox 360 Set up your own Minecraft Server for as low as $2.50/month at More 2013 Gift Guide Items Coming Soon!

74 of My Favorite Technology Things for October 2013 - Douglas E. Welch

  As always, let me know what types of interesting items you would like to see and I will keep an eye out for them especially. -- Douglas Technology / Dropbox Updates with Automatic Screenshot Saving and iPhoto Importing Technology / TireCheck Uses Your iPhone Camera to Check Your Car's Tire Pressure Technology / Roll the dice or flip a coin with Siri Technology / Easy fix for pesky iOS 7 Messages bug Technology / Google Drive Updated With New Tools and Subtle Touch of Color Technology / Waterborne Robots Display Emergent Behavior Technology / The Best Clever Uses for Text Expansion Technology / MapsIcon – free collection of icon maps for every country in the world [Freeware] Technology / Canary Calendar Syncs with Google and Facebook, Makes Scheduling Easy Technology / 7 Data Viz Sites to Inspire Your Creative Eye Technology / LEDs turn the heat up on flameless pumpkin lights Technology / Hulu Plus Adds Support for Chromecast on Android and iOS Technology / DIY Pres